Shipping export-controlled items outside of the U.S. may require a license from one of the federal departments responsible for export control. If you are unsure whether a license is needed for your items, please contact the Export Compliance Officer. If a license is required, please be aware export licenses can take up to six months to receive, depending on the nature of the export and the licensing agency. Do not ship an item outside of the U.S. without the proper licensing.

Shipment contents that may be subject to export controls include items, data, or information regarding the following, particularly such items with military or dual-use applications:

  • Nuclear materials
  • Weapons
  • Chemicals, microorganisms, and toxins
  • Electronics, computers, telecommunications
  • Information security sensors and lasers
  • Navigation and avionics
  • Marine systems and equipment
  • Aerospace and propulsion
  • Technical data regarding any of the above, and
  • Technical assistance with the development or use of controlled items

You must contact the Export Compliance Officer before packing and shipping any of the materials listed above.


Are you shipping domestic or international?

What you need to ship: Send the Shipping Information Form to the Export Compliance Officer for approval before entering eShipGlobal. UT Dallas must receive consent from the recipient that they are willing to receive export-controlled information or items before shipment. After you receive your approved Shipping Information Form, set up your shipment request in eShipGlobal. eShipGlobal will direct you to the Ship Domestic module. Please note any related UTD Project or Contract IDs in the ‘Shipment Reference’ field.

Generally UT Dallas does not ship export-controlled items or information outside of the US. In circumstances under which such shipments are required, UT Dallas will have to apply for an export license from the appropriate regulatory agency. Licensing will result in a significantly delay of the shipment of controlled items.

What you need to ship: International shipments that require export licensing will be handled directly by the Export Compliance Officer. Please contact the ECO for more information.

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