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September 12th, 2023

Dr. Armin Zare receives nearly $300,000 from AFOSR

Dr. Armin Zare received a $296,941 award from the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) for his research on Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Random Surface Roughness. This project intends to continue investigating how surface roughness can significantly affect the aerodynamic performance and efficiency of aircraft by triggering early transition and understanding the dependence of …read more

September 5th, 2023

Professor Ray Baughman obtains over $330,000 from the Office of Naval Research

The Office of Naval Research awarded Professor Ray Baughman $337,880 for his research on Enabling the Fabrication and Characterization of Nanofibers and their Transformation into Inexpensive, High Performance Artificial Muscles and Mechanical Energy Harvesters. This project aims to fund specific equipment purchases for a proposed Office of Naval Research (ONR) program on mechanical energy harvester yarns and …read more

August 29th, 2023

Dr. Theodore J. Price receives over $500,000 from the University of Cincinnati

Dr. Theodore J. Price received $523,710 from the University of Cincinnati for his research on Neuromodulatory Regulation of Synaptic Plasticity in Spinal Nociceptive Circuits. This project aims to continue and complete the work on Specific Aim 3 of Dr. Mark L. Baccei’s project in the Price lab to determine the neuromodulators that cause the priming of spinal nociceptive circuits …read more

August 22nd, 2023

Dr. Dong Qian lands over $550,000 From Graphene TX

The GrapheneTX agency awarded Dr. Dong Qian $555,579 for his research on SBIR: Development of Data-driven Digital-twin Software DD-Cure for Carbon Fiber Composite Curing. This project intends to establish physics-based data-driven tools for process modeling of composite curing. Research tasks will include calibrating the process model’s parameters using the results of experiments, creating a machine learning model …read more

August 15th, 2023

Dr. Mona Ghassemi Awarded Over $800,000 from the United States Department of Energy

Dr. Mona Ghassemi received an $881,731 award from the United States Department of Energy for her research on High Power Density Cost Effective MC DC Aircraft Cable. This project focuses on developing an electric power system (EPS) for use in an all electric aircraft (AEA) that can safely operate in high-altitude and low-pressure environments. Research on anticipated …read more

August 8th, 2023

Dr. Kyeongjae Cho receives nearly $1,000,000 from DARPA

Dr. Kyeongjae Cho received $995,707 from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for his research on Machine Learning Methods for Predictive Atomic and Electronic Structures of Nanostructure Interfaces for THz Device Simulations with DFT Accuracy. This project addresses interatomic potentials and tight binding (TB) models that can be used to simulate thousands and tens of thousands …read more

August 1st, 2023

Dr. Yichen Ding Obtains Nearly $2,000,000 From NIH

Dr. Yichen Ding

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded Dr. Yichen Ding $1,883,456 for his research on Volumetric Imaging and Computation to Characterize Cardiac Electromechanical Coupling. This project focuses on establishing a new holistic strategy to in vivo investigate sophisticated electromechanical interaction, providing an entry point to further study the underlying mechanism of arrhythmias and prospectively identify arrhythmogenic compounds. Dr. Yichen …read more

May 5th, 2023

Research Rising

Whether you are interested in keeping up with the latest discoveries on disease-causing mechanisms, treatments for illnesses, or explanations for some of society’s most complex issues, the Spring 2023 issue of UT Dallas Magazine features the latest campus research highlights! In this magazine issue, you can explore research-related articles that focus on supporting investments, research, ground-breaking discoveries, …read more

April 26th, 2023

The Intersection: Speed Networking at the Intersection of Science and Business Innovation

On Tuesday, May 9th, 2023 at 3 PM, Office of Research and Innovation, with Assistant Vice President for Research Development Dr. Nikki Delk, and Director for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Emily Choi, will host a structured ‘speed networking’ program. The Intersection: Speed Networking at the Intersection of Science and Business Innovation encourages faculty in all STEM and …read more

April 14th, 2023

2023 Earth Fair Poster Competition

For the upcoming UT Dallas Earth Week on April 14-22, 2023, join the Office of Research and Innovation and view the 2023 Earth Fair Poster Competition as nominated UTD graduate students showcase their Earth Fair posters. The following UTD graduate students will have a chance to be chosen as a winner of the 2023 Earth …read more