The Office of Research and Innovation provides state-of-the-art facilities for the University of Texas at Dallas, including the Natural Science Engineering Research Laboratory (NSERL), Bioengineering and Sciences Building (BSB), Research Operations Center (ROC), and Research Operations Center West (ROW).


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Open in 2007, the Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (NSERL) features RO/DI water softening systems, as well as gas and liquid nitrogen supply. NSERL is home to research groups from Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Also, NSERL offers a Class 1,000 cleanroom.

In 2016, the Bioengineering and Sciences Building (BSB) was introduced to the University as one of the largest academic buildings on campus and one of the most energy efficient research facilities. Our LEED Gold certified facility features RO water softening systems and gas nitrogen supply. The 220,000-square-foot structure houses programs in Bioengineering and Neuroscience, as well as research space for related programs in Biology and Chemistry.

Both research facilities have security guard controlled access and requires card-key access to laboratories.

We have a team of specialized technicians who provide electrical, plumbing, HVAC, lock and key, and general maintenance services for the research facilities and its occupants. The goal of the Research Facilities Operations team is to support the multiple collaborations and endless research possibilities by accommodating and communicating with current and future occupants, as well as visitors.

Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (NSERL)

Cleanroom Research Laboratory (CRL)

Bioengineering and Sciences Building (BSB)

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