NSERL and BSB are secure research facilities that require card access to enter various corridors and labs. Any new personnel must go through certain steps to obtain access and the below is a great tool to review to make sure all steps are completed.

BSB & NSERL Access

All BSB and NSERL lab personnel will need to complete BioRaft training to gain access to the building. If you are a lab member requesting access, you must contact the lab owner (PI) to add you to their lab in BioRaft. Once you complete your designated training, you will be granted access to that lab space. For any questions regarding BioRaft and training, contact safety@utdallas.edu.

All non-lab personnel (i.e. administrative staff, etc.) will need to submit access requests through Pearl for further processing – be as specific as possible. If you have any questions regarding specific doors being requested, feel free to contact safety@utdallas.edu or Shane Solis.

These access procedures do not apply to other department-controlled areas, such as Cleanroom and Vivarium. For access to these areas, you must contact the department’s contacts, below.

AreaContactPhone Ext.EmailCustomized Form?

Srinivas Gowrisanker

Research Core Facilities

Srinivas Gowrisanker

VivariumBob Willoughbyx3544robert.willoughby@utdallas.eduYes

Building Badges

Building badges are for identification purposes to alert the security guard you are permitted to enter the research facilities. While in the building, badges must be worn at all times by associated faculty, staff, and lab personnel only. Anyone without a building badge will need to sign in as a visitor at the front desk and be escorted to their destination by their host or a representative.

Supervisors/PI’s can request NSERL/BSB photo ID badges (new or replacement) for their lab members by completing an online request form. Upon checking out of the University, the Department is responsible for collecting the former user’s badge and disposing of it immediately.

Visitors and Policies

Due to the security-controlled access, there are strict visitor policies. All visitors must enter the front entrances of either BSB or NSERL and sign-in at the guard desk with a valid picture ID. While checking in with the guard, the visitor must provide a name of who they are visiting, and that person will be contacted to escort them into the building. Visitors will not be allowed to enter the rest of the facilities without a building occupant as their escort.

The visitor will receive a visitor’s badge that must wear at all times while in the building. Upon exiting the building, visitors must return their visitor’s badge to the security guard desk.

Due to various safety regulations, minors are not allowed in laboratory space in either NSERL or BSB without prior administrative and department approval – only common areas.