This Lab to Launch session by Bryan Chambers titled, “Venture Capital Fundraising” discusses various fundraising strategies and funding opportunities for transitioning from the lab to a startup.

Bryan Chambers is VP of Capital Factory’s Accelerator and a General Partner in the Capital Factory’s VC fund, the most active VC fund in Texas. Prior to joining Capital Factory, Bryan helped to establish the Blackstone Launchpad and the UT Dallas Seed Fund at the University of Texas at Dallas where he actively advises students, entrepreneurs, and early-stage ventures and serves as a member of the entrepreneurship faculty. Bryan was a founding team member at Fixd Repair (Acquired by ANGI Home Services), an insurance technology and home services business where he led the business and corporate development strategy. Bryan has spent his career working with and investing in venture-backed startups including ReachLocal (IPO in 2010) and LevelUp (acquired by Grub Hub in 2018).

“Lab to Launch” is the new seminar series for researchers interested in pursuing entrepreneurship. Anyone, not just researchers, interested in entrepreneurship are encouraged to watch. This series is sponsored by the Office of Research, in partnership with the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Blackstone Launchpad.