Ventures Posts

August 27th, 2020

Lab to Launch: Technology Commercialization in Texas

This Lab to Launch session titled, “Technology Commercialization in Texas,” features a panel of speakers who discuss technology commercialization and the current Texas market Speakers: Christy Cardena: Christy is a Managing Partner at Ecliptic Capital, running Investment and Research for the venture capital fund in Austin, TX, and fueling innovation across emerging hubs. Christy is …read more

August 27th, 2020

Lab to Launch: Product Development Considerations

This Lab to Launch session by Connie Manz titled, “Product Development Considerations” discusses the various considerations taken when translating technology from the lab to a commercial product. Connie Manz, co-founder, and CEO of Qualia, Inc. received her bachelor’s and master’s in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT. Connie has held various research positions at MIT, …read more

August 14th, 2020

Lab to Launch: Venture Capital Fundraising

This Lab to Launch session by Bryan Chambers titled, “Venture Capital Fundraising” discusses various fundraising strategies and funding opportunities for transitioning from the lab to a startup. Bryan Chambers is VP of Capital Factory’s Accelerator and a General Partner in the Capital Factory’s VC fund, the most active VC fund in Texas. Prior to joining …read more

March 28th, 2016

Q&A with a Materials Science Startup

Upon earning their Ph.D.’s in Materials Science and Engineering from UT Dallas, David Arreaga and Adrian Avendano seized the opportunity to enter the rapidly growing flexible electronics industry they had come to know having worked at the university’s Advanced Polymer Research Lab. In 2014, they established their startup company, Ares Materials, and are now developing the technology …read more

September 17th, 2015

Exciting Start to Business Idea Competition 2015

Our friends at the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship recently invited us to the kickoff for their annual Business Idea Competition. The IIE’s Executive Director Jeremy Vickers. Audience members tuning in. Founder & CEO of Snappy Salads, Chris Dahlander. Trey Bowles of The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) addresses the entrepreneurial audience. Trey Bowles, CEO and co-founder of …read more

September 1st, 2015

Biomedical Engineering Student Focuses on Education, Empowerment

Anupam Kumar, winner of the Science Research Scholar Award from the American Museum of Natural History, is busy cultivating an impressive future, blending education and humanitarian efforts.  With a background that includes notable academic achievements, his philanthropic endeavors are the driving force behind his aspirations. Anupam’s interest in medical device development and big data led …read more