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Class Projects

Class Projects are research studies undertaken by student investigators for the sole purpose of obtaining course credit (Experimental Projects in Psychology, Research Methods, etc.).  Class Projects (CL) should pose a less than minimal risk to human participants and are processed through Cayuse IRB.  Once approved, the studies expire at the end of the current semester. Studies that involve data collection needed for or used in dissertations or thesis projects do not qualify as Class Projects and need to be reviewed as Minimal Review or Expedited Review, as appropriate.

UTDesign Projects

UTDesign projects are submitted through Cayuse IRB. Due to the additional time involved in completing the UTDesign program, approvals are valid for 1 full year.  For Human Subject Research purposes, to qualify as a UTDesign Project the objective of the human subjects data collection involves the following:

  • Proof of concept for a device developed as part of the UTDesign program;
  • Participants are members of the UTDesign study team;
  • The study is not supported by federal funding; and
  • Data collection is limited to that required for the UTDesign course.

Class Projects and UTDesign Projects do NOT involve the following:

  • Direct/indirect links between the study and participant;
  • Vulnerable participants (e.g., Minors, mentally incapacitated individuals, or prisoners);
  • Video recording of participants; and
  • Sensitive or private aspects of behavior (such as suicidal thoughts, alcohol/drug use, past/future criminal conduct, etc.).

Forms and Guidance