Required Training

The University of Texas at Dallas Institutional Review Board (IRB) requires all individuals working with human subjects in research complete an instructional program before the IRB will review an application. This policy reflects UT Dallas’s commitment to the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in research.

The required training must be completed through an online tutorial, accessed by logging into eLearning:

Upon successful completion of the course, a completion certificate must be printed and retained by the researcher. A copy of the certificate should also be submitted to the UT Dallas Office of Research Integrity and Outreach as part of the researcher’s first human subjects proposal.

This training requirement covers not only Principal Investigators, but also all individuals identified as a research assistant who are responsible for the design and conduct of the study. The Principal Investigator will submit a copy of the completion certificate for each individual working on the study. Personnel external to UT Dallas who conduct human subjects’ research at or with UT Dallas must also complete the required training or provide proof of equivalent training.

Human subjects protection training must be renewed every 4 years.


Protocol Development Workshops

The IRB office offers on-campus help sessions/workshops for researchers who are planning to submit, or are in the process of revising, new applications (protocols) for IRB review, amendments, or annual renewals of their human participant research projects.

IRB staff will be on hand to provide one-on-one assistance in the following areas:

  • Answering questions about the information required in each section of the protocol;
  • Addressing reviewer questions/comments;
  • Discussing options for informed consent forms and processes;
  • Providing guidance on more complex research design issues:
    • Investigator responsibilities for research on sensitive topics or use of deception methods
    • Use of social media or other emerging technologies in research

You are invited to take advantage of these opportunities to get hands-on, specific assistance for your applications for IRB review. Doing so will most likely reduce the need for revisions to an application and the overall cycle time for approval of submissions. It will also help the IRB staff better understand the nature of the issues that researchers experience when designing their research and trying to understand IRB requirements.

The workshops will be held at various locations on campus for the convenience of researchers in different departments (see schedule), but all researchers are welcome to attend any of the scheduled sessions. All workshop locations have wireless Internet connections. Researchers should bring their own laptop.

Informed Consent Practicum

Do you have an IRB approved research study? Do you or your Study Personnel need assistance or advice on the informed consent process?

This one-on-one training program involves individuals from the IRB Office posing as potential research participants to give investigators, study staff, and students obtaining informed consent practice and insight on the informed consent process and how to:

  • Obtain and appropriately document informed consent;
  • Answer difficult or unusual questions from potential participants;
  • Manage and mitigate unanticipated situations and circumstances; and
  • Gauge if participants fully understand consent language and inclusion criteria.

Each session uses the investigator’s actual consent form and is individualized to best fit the investigator’s study.  For more information and to schedule a session, please contact the IRB Office at 972-883-4575.

Classroom or Departmental Workshops

IRB Staff will attend department meetings, classrooms and other venues to provide on-site training to groups of UTD employees (faculty and staff) and students who wish to learn more about human subjects research at UTD and the Institutional Review Board. Please contact the IRB Office to schedule a departmental or classroom workshop or to obtain additional information about this program.

Responsible Conduct of Research Training Series

The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training series is a multi-session seminar series that discusses contemporary issues in research ethics and scientific integrity, such as human subjects research. Visit the UTD’s RCR website for more information.