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The Office of Research fosters the advancement of cutting-edge research discoveries and technology at the University of Texas at Dallas, an innovative institution in the heart of North Texas that has achieved Tier One national research status.

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Criminologist Builds Computer Model for More Efficient Police Patrols
In a new paper, Dr. Andrew Wheeler analyzed patrol areas for the Carrollton Police Department and found a way that cuts travel for officers by 20%.
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Electrical Engineer Shining New Light on Moving Data on Microchips
Dr. Qing Gu received a Young Investigator Program award from the Department of Defense to develop a nanoLED technology in integrated circuits that could help boost data speeds and lead to more energy-efficient electronic systems.
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Scientists Link 'Hunger Hormone' to Memory in Alzheimer's Study
A team of researchers found evidence suggesting that resistance to ghrelin in the brain is connected to the cognitive impairments and memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
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