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The Office of Research and Innovation fosters the advancement of cutting-edge research discoveries and technology at the University of Texas at Dallas, an innovative institution in the heart of North Texas that has achieved Tier One national research status.

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thumbnail Researchers Make Big Strides with Superman-Inspired Imager Chip
Researchers, including electrical engineering graduate student Walter Sosa Portillo BS’21 (left) and Dr. Kenneth K. O, have made advances to miniaturize an imager chip inspired by Superman’s X-ray vision for handheld mobile devices. Researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas and Seoul National University have developed an imager chip inspired by Superman’s X-ray vision [...]


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thumbnail Scientist Explores How Post-Stroke Aphasia Manifests in Brain
Dr. Roozbeh Behroozmand directs the Speech Neuroscience Lab at UT Dallas, where he and his team study the brain mechanisms of speech production and their related disorders in patients with neurological conditions such as post-stroke aphasia. A University of Texas at Dallas scientist has received a three-year, $1.7 million grant from the National Institutes of [...]


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thumbnail Jonsson School Students To Test AI Search-and-Rescue Tool at NASA
UT Dallas students, including Colton Lackey (left), Hamilton Ngo and Victor Sim (right), used life jackets, a life-preserver ring and an inflatable boat to train a machine learning program to recognize the objects as part of a NASA design challenge. A University of Texas at Dallas student team will test and present its solution to [...]


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