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The Office of Research fosters the advancement of cutting-edge research discoveries and technology at the University of Texas at Dallas, an innovative institution in the heart of North Texas that has achieved Tier One national research status.

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thumbnail Radiation Detection Technology May Be New Weapon Against WMD
Dr. Manuel Quevedo has worked several years to develop a technology that can detect neutron radiation. University of Texas at Dallas researchers have developed a cheaper and more accurate portable technology to detect neutron radiation, which can indicate the presence of materials used for weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The technology can also be used [...]


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thumbnail Professor To Expand Landscape of Research with NSF CAREER Award
Dr. Anthony Cummings As a boy, Dr. Anthony Cummings walked the forests of Guyana. Raised among indigenous peoples near the Venezuela border, he noticed the ways they approached the land and made their livelihoods. With a five-year, $523,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Cummings will return to his home country to study indigenous [...]


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thumbnail Team Applies Power of AI To Forecast Energy Supply, Demand
Researchers in UT Dallas’ Center for Applied AI and Machine Learning worked with Vistra on a project to help forecast pricing for its Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility, where these battery modules are part of a system to store solar and wind energy. The goal of the project is to help Vistra buy electricity to [...]


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