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The Office of Research and Innovation fosters the advancement of cutting-edge research discoveries and technology at the University of Texas at Dallas, an innovative institution in the heart of North Texas that has achieved Tier One national research status.

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thumbnail Researchers Flip Perception on Bladder Pain, Brain Lateralization
Dr. Lakeisha Lewter (from left), Dr. Benedict Kolber and doctoral student Veronica Hong, a Eugene McDermott Graduate Fellow, found that a neuropeptide linked to pain has opposite effects when active in matching regions of opposite hemispheres of the brain. Neuroscientists have known since the 19th century that corresponding regions of the left and right hemispheres [...]


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thumbnail UTD Team’s New Sensor May Be Groundbreaking Tool for Soil Health
UT Dallas researchers received funding from public benefit corporation Soil in Formation to create an electrochemical sensor designed to be a more direct and accurate method for testing soil. University of Texas at Dallas bioengineers have developed sensors that monitor multiple soil parameters, including total soil carbon, to provide farmers with accurate, real-time, continuous data [...]


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thumbnail UTD’s Baxter Award Winners Are Engineering Ways To Save Lives
Three University of Texas at Dallas researchers who are developing innovative ways to help save people’s lives have received second-tier Baxter Young Investigator Awards for their work. Bioengineering postdoctoral researcher Dr. Sasya Madhurantakam, biomedical engineering doctoral student Ivneet Banga and mechanical engineering research associate Dr. Qi Cai are the latest UT Dallas recipients of the [...]


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