The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) is a tier-one research institution that fosters the advancement of cutting-edge research discoveries and technology. UT Dallas receives funding from various federal agencies, state agencies, industry, and foundations. These funds are generally awarded in multi-year contract or grants, therefore the amount recorded as received each year may not reflect the research being done in that year.

The Office of Research and Innovation oversees research metrics for the institution, including proposals and total research dollars awarded, research expenditures, and licensing revenue.

Grant Award Numbers

In 1st quarter FY24 (September 1, 2023, through November 30, 2023), the Office of Research assisted faculty with 363 proposals.  During this same period, there were 69 research awards processed through the Office of Research.

The total research dollars awarded to the University through proposals submitted or contracts negotiated by the Office of Research and gifts designated for research in 1st quarter FY24 is $65,875,694.  This total does not include any cost share amounts.  Each School contributed to this total as follows:  

Behavioral and Brain Sciences   $13,172,146 
Engineering and Computer Sciences$44,536,598
Natural Sciences and Mathematics$8,066,950
Research Gifts  $100,000

DISCLAIMER:  Office of Research uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate and up-to-date information based on the specific requests that we receive.  The numbers/amounts listed are accurate as of the date the report was provided.  The amounts are the total expected award and do not take into consideration funding cuts, stop work orders, transfers, or de-obligations.  Some of this information may be currently in an administrative process and is subject to change or verification.  Due to sponsor restrictions, some qualifying awards may not be listed below.

Faculty Research Awards

The following are awards over $100,000 received by UT Dallas faculty from Federal sponsors between September 1, 2023, and November 30, 2023:

Pancrazio, Joseph, Energy Storage Systems Campus, Advanced Technology Intl (ATI) NEST-23-C-004, $30,000,000

Rugg, Michael, Neural Selectivity, Retrieval-Related Reinstatement, and Age-Related Memory Decline, National Institutes of Health R01AG082680, $3,305,350

Yousuf, Muhammad Saad, Targeting Methylglyoxal-induced Diabetic Neuropathic Pain through the Integrated Stress Response, National Institutes of Health R01DK134893, $3,143,587

Kolber, Benedict, Impact of Amygdala Lateralization on Processing and Modulation of Bladder Pain, National Institutes of Health R01DK115478, $2,631,263

Hays, Seth, Targeted Plasticity Therapy for the Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Congressionally Directed Medical Research HT94252310818, $2,317,051

Du, Shengwang, QuSec-TAQS: Nanodiamond Quantum Sensing for Four-Dimensional Live-Cell Imaging, National Science Foundation 2326628, $2,000,000

Cui, Shuang, ECO-CBET: GOALI: Condensing Water from the Air for Building Dehumidification and Decarbonization using Thermo-responsive Desiccants, National Science Foundation 2318720, $1,669,674

Rotea, Mario, Center for Wind Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy DE-EE0010673, $1,600,000

Small, Steven, Psychological Services and Education Center, US Dept of Health & Human Services CE1HS52182, $1,498,850

Chen, Lunjin, Investigating the Formation of Chorus Wave Subpackets and their Roles in Electron Dynamics, NASA 80NSSC24K0174, $1,341,545

Dai, Xianming (Simon), Designing Flow-Separation Evaporative Cooling for 3D Heterogeneous Microsystems, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) D23AP00160, $1,000,000

Jahn, Kelly, Biomarkers of Hyperacusis in Autism Spectrum Disorder, US Army Medical Research Acquisition Act HT94252310326, $847,194

Maguire, Mandy, Resilience and Risk in Word Inferencing and Vocabulary Growth for Grade Schoolers from Low Socioeconomic Status Homes, National Science Foundation 2317734, $802,000

Zhang, Fan, Collaborative Research: DMREF: Developing and Harnessing the Platform of Quasi-One-Dimensional Topological Materials for Novel Functionalities and Devices, National Science Foundation 2324033, $799,999

Li, You, Vector Flow Velocity Imaging of Human Placenta using Angle-resolved Ultrasound and Deep Learning, National Institutes of Health R00HD105019, $741,899

Dodani, Sheel, CAREER: Discovering and Engineering Protein-Based Sensors for Nitrate in Biology, National Science Foundation 2240095, $700,000

Penev, Kaloyan, Elements: Enabling High Precision Citizen Science Photometry from Wide Field Color Images, National Science Foundation 2311527, $599,993

Kim, Jiyoung, Angstrom Era Semiconductor Patterning Material Development Accelerator, Brookhaven Natl Laboratory 437633, $501,245

Summers, Tyler, Control, Estimation, and Learning in Multi-Team Dynamic Network Games with Asymmetric Information, US Air Force Office of Scientific Research FA9550-23-1-0424, $441,000

Lv, Bing, Collaborative Research: FuSE: Heterogeneous Integration of III-Nitride and Boron Arsenide for Enhanced Thermal and Electronic Performance, National Science Foundation 2329110, $400,000

Smaldone, Ronald Collaborative Research: DMREF: Closed-Loop Design of Polymers with Adaptive Networks for Extreme Mechanics, National Science Foundation 2323729, $350,229

Biewer, Michael, REU Site: Chemistry Pathways to Building Functional Materials at the University of Texas at Dallas, National Science Foundation 2244549, $350,000

Jin, Yaqing, Collaborative Research: Aeolian Grain Entrainment Over Flexible Vegetation Canopies: Theoretical Models, Laboratory Experiments and Fieldwork, National Science Foundation 2327916, $335,876

Yousefi, Kianoosh, Collaborative Research: Evaluating and Parameterizing Wind Stress Over Ocean Surface Waves Using Integrated High-resolution Imaging and Numerical Simulations, National Science Foundation 2319535, $323,315

Jee, Kangkook, CyberTraining: Pilot: CyberTraining for Space CI in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), National Science Foundation 2321117, $299,999

Brenner, Kevin, Strain Effects in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Field-Effect Transistors, National Science Foundation 2335713, $266,600

Carrion Schaefer, Benjamin, Collaborative Research: DESC: Type I: SEEDED: Sustainability-awarE rEliable anD rEusable AI hardware Design, National Science Foundation 2323820, $259,741

Jee, Kangkook, EAGER: Privacy Preserving Synthetic Graph Generation for System Provenance, National Science Foundation 2331424, $250,003

Abbas, Waseem, Collaborative Research: Network Control Systems Science for Graph Machine Learning, National Science Foundation 2325416, $240,417

Hernandez Reynoso, Ana, Targeted Neuroplasticity Via Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Improve Urinary Dysfunction after Spinal Cord Injury, National Institutes of Health K99NS135194, $217,694

O’Toole, Alice, Multi-race Face Identification Test for Professional Forensic Face Examiners: Assuring Quality Human Oversight of Machines, Natl Institutes of Standards and Technology 70NANB23H232, $199,989

Sarac, Kamil, Sup 2: UTD SFS Renewal: Enriching Technical Program Offerings for SFS Scholarship Program at UTD, National Science Foundation 1922398, $167,864

Qin, Zhenpeng, Intramedullary Spinal Tumor Model and Treatment, Congressionally Directed Medical Research HT94252310549, $156,000

Couture, Bo, Graduate Research Fellowship Program, National Science Foundation 2136516, $147,000

Walker, Benjamin, Graduate Research Fellowship Program, National Science Foundation 2136516, $147,000

Kolodrubetz, Michael, Simulating Electrolytic DNA Chemistry on Noisy Quantum Devices, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) HR00112330022, $138,257

The following are awards over $50,000 received by UT Dallas faculty from non-Federal sponsors between September 1, 2023, and November 30, 2023:

Pancrazio, Joseph, Brain Glucose Deficiency: Mechanisms and Modulation, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, $1,971,800

Kolber, Benedict, Planning Study for the Development of Sigma 2 Ligands as Analgesics, University of Kentucky, $497,441

Vandenberghe, William, Phononic Traveling Wave Parametric Amplification using Heterostructures of Highly Nonlinear Materials, Virginia Tech, $320,000

Joshi, Purna, The Role of Adipocyte Progenitors in Obesity-Driven Mammary Cancer, Victoria’s Secret Global Fund for Women’s Cancers 2023 Career Development Award, in partnership with Pelotonia & AACR, Grant Number 23-20-73-JOSH, $206,000

Hamlen, Kevin, STTR II: Robust Sandboxing and Lifting of ELF Binaries, Immunant, Inc./Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), $201,997

Busso, Carlos, ICC: GRA Fellowship for Development and Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, $174,065

Buzzetti, Ilan, CSGrad4US – Buzzetti, Computing Research Association, $159,000

Malik, Arif, SRA: Modeling Tools and Knowledge to Improve Stability of Gas Pressure Regulators, Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc., $156,149

Kolber, Benedict, The Integration of Laboratory Data with Computational 3-D Modeling to Analyze the Role of the Central Amygdala in Neuropathic Pain, Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit, $156,000

Torabifard, Hedieh, Molecular Modeling of the Demulsification Mechanism of Ionic Liquids, American Chemical Society, $110,000

Xiang, Yu, A Unified Framework for Multi-Hand Grasp Planning and Grasp Transfer of Unknown Objects, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, $100,000      

Kim, Jin Ryong, CRA: Development of Realtime Metaverse Testbed Environment for Haptic Interaction, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, $96,034

Makris, Georgios, P6-2023 Follow-on Project: Design of Process Control Monitors (PCMs) for Wafter-Level Provenance Attestation, University of Cincinnati, $83,659

Li, Yaoyu, SRA: Development of A Numerical AE/DAE Solver Package for Thermal Systems, Rheem Manufacturing Co., $59,816

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