The Office of Human Subjects Protections (OHSP) facilitates and promotes the ethical involvement of human subjects in research by providing administrative support to the Institutional Review Board and consultative services to investigators and their research staff. The HSP facilitates the IRB review and approval of human subjects research in accordance with applicable federal and state regulations and UTD policies and procedures. Additionally, the HSP conducts post-monitoring and quality assurance activities and provides educational outreach for the UTD research community.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a university-wide standing committee whose primary mission is to ensure the rights and welfare of all human participants in UTD affiliated research. The IRB has the authority to review, approve, disapprove, or require changes to all studies under their purview.  IRB review process is guided by federal and state regulations, university policy, and the Belmont Report. IRB members include faculty, staff, and community members who, in the aggregate, possess a broad range of interests and expertise that correspond with the areas of research reviewed.

The Office of Human Subjects Protections is pleased to announce that Sarah Foster, a member of The Social Cognition and Interaction in Autism Lab, has been selected as the recipient of the Spring 2024 HIVE Award! For additional information about Sarah and her research, please visit the HIVE Awards page.

Hive Award

What is the HIVE award?

  • The HIVE award is a way to recognize UTD students and staff exhibiting positive Habits, Ideals, Values, and Ethics in human subjects research. 
  • One HIVE award recipient will be chosen each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer). 
  • The newest member to join the HIVE will be featured on the Office of Research and Innovation website, receive a certificate, and a small token of appreciation.

Who qualifies to receive the HIVE award, and how is a recipient chosen?

  • Any student or staff member conducting human subjects research or support staff for human subjects investigators is eligible. 
  • Individuals can be nominated by both faculty members and the HSR Office. A nomination form is available on the HSR website. The HSR Office will compile the nominations and forward a list of finalists to the Office of Research and Innovation leadership team who will make the final selection.

When are nominations due each semester?

Nominations can be submitted year-round; however nominations must be received by the following dates to be considered for that semester’s award:

Fall Semester: October 1st

Spring Semester: March 1st

Summer Semester: June 1st

Winners will be announced each November, April, and July.

Eligible candidates are UTD students and staff who exhibit positive Habits, Ideals, Values, and Ethics in human subjects research:

  • Habits: Interest in developing positive habits in the responsible conduct of research and learning IRB regulations and/or requirements by attending or participating in training workshops sponsored by the Office of Research and Innovation or by seeking assistance from the Human Subjects Research (HSR) Office (or lab PI).
  • Ideals: Lead by example in the protection of participant privacy, conduct of research procedures, documentation of research activities and maintaining HSR study records.
  • Values: Understand study-specific IRB requirements, consistently following best practices for compliance.
  • Ethics: Able to identify compliance issues, documenting and reporting such instances to their PI and / or the HSR Office after consultation with their PI
Human Subjects Protections Training Series

The Office of Research and Innovation provides an informational series on Human Subjects Protections. Click on the button below to view the playlist.

Institutional Review Board Roster FY2024
IRB Member NameTitle/Department
Andrea Warner-Czyz, PhD – Chair  Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Michael Rugg, PhD – Vice ChairBehavioral and Brain Sciences
Amanda Boone, MFA Office of Research and Innovation
Randal Boss, MBACommunity Representative
Stuart Cogan, PhDBioengineering
Natasha Fuller, MBACommunity Representative
Seth Hays, PhDBioengineering
Kyle Hyndman, PhDManagement
Heidi Kane, PhDBehavioral and Brain Sciences
Kristen Kennedy, PhDBehavioral and Brain Sciences
Sarah Maxwell, PhDEconomic, Political and Policy Sciences
Sanaz Okhovat, BSOffice of Research and Innovation
Bart Rypma, PhDBehavioral and Brain Sciences
Richard Scotch, PhDEconomic, Political and Policy Sciences
Kerry Tate, MSAccessAbility Resource Center
Jonathan Tsou, PhDArts, Humanities, and Technology
Mary Urquhart, PhDNatural Sciences and Mathematics
Lynne Vieraitis, PhDEconomic, Political and Policy Sciences
Brendan Williams, BSBehavioral and Brain Sciences

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  • Sanaz Okhovat,
    Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation, 972-883-4579, AD 3.202H,, biosafety and chemical safety committee;conflict of interest;ethics and international research;export control;institutional review board;lab animal resource center;research and academic safety;safety
  • Amanda Boone,
    Amanda Boone
    Director, 972-883-4575, AD 3.204P,, human subjects research;institutional review board
  • Mary Beth Goodnight,
    Mary Beth Goodnight
    HSR Specialist III, 972-883-4595, AD 3.204,, human subjects research;institutional review board
  • Laura Hamilton,
    Laura Hamilton
    HSR Specialist II, 972-883-4596, AD 3.204,, human subjects research;institutional review board
  • Hannah Rodriguez,
    Hannah Rodriguez
    HSR Specialist II, 972-883-4616, AD 3.204,, human subjects research;institutional review board
  • Krupa Ghaghda,
    Krupa Ghaghda
    Regulatory Associate, 972-883-4506, ,, human subjects research;institutional review board
  • Justin Mpanga,
    Justin Mpanga
    Clinical Data Specialist III, 972-883-3587, AD 3.204,, human subjects research;institutional review board