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June 10th, 2021

Dr. Jie Zheng Receives Nearly $1.5 Million from NIH

The National Institutes of Health awarded Dr. Jie Zheng $1,451,573 for his research on Noninvasive Monitoring of Hepatic Glutathione Depletion through Blood Test. The project focuses on the use of gold nanoparticles to detect acute liver damage early through simple blood tests. Dr. Zheng’s groundbreaking research could replace current methods that are more invasive for monitoring and diagnosing liver …read more

April 13th, 2020

Research 411: COI and IP Talk Show

The Office of Research hosts talkshow format webinars that covers best practices and trending research topics by our faculty and staff. Tune in to listen to what Assistant Director Conor Wakeman and Technology Commercialization Manager Marvin Young has to say about Conflict of Interest and Intellectual Property.

February 5th, 2020

UT Dallas Aims To Teach Younger Students, Too

The University of Texas at Dallas, known for its programs for undergraduate and graduate college students, also aims to impact grade school students in the areas of science, technology, engineering art, and, mathematics (STEAM). The Science and Engineering Education Center (SEEC) works with community partners and corporations to provide accessible learning opportunities meant to expand …read more