The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007 has changed how university personnel must report interaction with Federal officials. Meetings with Congressional, Executive Branch, and/or agency officials must be reported on a quarterly basis and expenses incurred during such interactions must be reported twice a year.

Reporting Process

The UT System Office of Federal Relations files these reports with the federal government on behalf of UT Dallas; however, it is the responsibility of the individual who contacted the federal official to disclose the necessary information.

Disclosure reports are filed on a quarterly basis. The deadlines for submitting forms to UT System Office of Federal Relations are:

  • April 10th
  • July 10th
  • October 10th
  • January 10th

Forms can be submitted any time prior to the deadlines, and individuals are encouraged to submit soon after any interaction with a Federal official. For individuals not sure if their interaction with a Federal official qualifies, please submit the form for review or contact a member of the UT System Office for Federal Relations.

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Activities that Trigger a Report

For individuals that made financial or non-financial contributions that involved Federal Officials, fill out a reporting form to be contacted by those Federal Officials. Examples include expenses, payments, or contribution for costs of a meeting/event held with or in the name of a Congressional or Executive Branch official, such as meetings in Washington or when an official visits campus; contributions or tickets to an event honoring/recognizing a Congressional or Executive Branch official, such as a charity or community dinner; contributions to an entity named for a Congressional or Executive Branch official, such as a library or policy conference; and, contributions to an entity established/financed/maintained/controlled/designated by a Congressional or Executive Branch official, such as a third-party charity or organization.

Individuals also need to fill out a reporting form if they engaged in lobbying contacts and activities, including letters, phone calls, emails, and face-to-face meetings made on behalf of a UT System institution with covered executive branch and legislative branch officials intended to influence a covered official on: appropriations; pending legislation; rule changes; regulations; Executive Orders; programs; positions of the U.S. government, administration or execution of federal programs or policies (including federal contracts and grants); and nomination or confirmation of a person for a position subject to confirmation by the U.S. Senate. This includes any contact that is made in Washington, on campus, or at any other location. Lobbying contacts do NOT include contacts made as part of a professional association (and not on behalf of the UT System) or contacts regarding the administration of a previously-awarded federal grant.

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Individuals seeking further clarification or in need of additional guidance should contact the UT System Office of Federal Relations (OFR) at (202) 955-9091.