Student demonstrates safety in research laboratory.

The University of Texas at Dallas is committed to conducting research in a scientifically responsible and ethical manner, and expects all students and employees to follow relevant guidelines, policies, and regulations (see UTDPP1070). Students, postdocs, faculty, and staff who participate in research at UT Dallas or any of its related centers or institutes may be required to participate in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training as part of their participation in federally sponsored research or as required in undergraduate or graduate research training programs. The Principal Investigator/Project Director is responsible for ensuring compliance with any specific requirements of the grant or contract and for ensuring that all personnel associated with the research also comply with such policies.

Effective July 31, 2023, the National Science Foundation (NSF) expanded the requirement of Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research (RECR) training to include all personnel supported by NSF. Click below to learn more.

For more information, please contact Arietha Lafayette in the Office of Research and Innovation at (972) 883-4607 or email: