1. What interests me in this study?
  2. Why would I want to or need to participate in the study?
  3. When does this study take place?
  4. Where does the study take place?
  5. How long does the study last?
  6. Is this study safe?
  7. Do I feel that I can trust the researchers?
  8. Who gains from my participation?
  9. Does this study have IRB approval?
  10. Am I feeling pressure or obligation to participate in the study?
  11. How do I contact the PI if I have questions or concerns?
  12. Who can I contact with questions or concerns that is not involved in the research study?
  13. If I really wanted to quit would I be able to?
  14. Am I learning anything from participating?
  15. How will I be notified if risks or benefits to the study change?
  16. How is my privacy being protected?
  17. Is this study confidential or anonymous?

After the Study

  1. What results did the study produce?
  2. Will the study be published?
  3. Can I have a copy of the article?
  4. Am I willing to do this again?
  5. What have I learned that I would do differently next time?
  6. What benefits did I receive?
  7. Would I recommend being a human research participant to others?