10/19/2016: We have a new work order system for BSB and NSERL maintenance crew! If you require electric, plumbing, HVAC, lock and key, and general maintenance services, please submit your request to Research Facilities, include the particular location(s), the scope of work, and contact person (if necessary). Once received, we will process within 24-48 hours and assign the work request to one of our technicians.

10/7/2016: Beginning tomorrow, October 14th, 2016, the refrigerators on the west side of BSB will be cleaned every Friday (before 6 PM).

Any food in a Tupperware and/or lunch pail without a written label will be removed, as well as anything (drinks/food/etc.) expired. As a reminder, ALL foods must display a legible and valid expiration date. If your food is in a Tupperware and/or lunch pail it must display a written label including your name and date of arrival.

10/4/2016: We are thrilled to announce a new location, LilyPad #4, in the Biological Sciences Building (BSB) at 11.201.

This location has two stations for nursing mothers.  This includes chairs, side tables, and privacy curtains. Additional features include a microwave and a refrigerator.  Mothers will need to provide their own pump and cleaning supplies. In order to use room, you must already have access to either NSERL or BSB. To access location and reserve room on calendar, please contact Research Facilities.

If you would like to be included in the Facilities email blasts, please contact Research Facilities, specify which building, and you will be added.