Cost Center Setup and Budget Modifications

Learn how to submit budget changes, request supplemental funds, and more.
Step 4

Budget Changes

All sponsored project budget revisions are conducted by the Office of Post-Award Management (OPM). If sponsored approval is necessary, OPM will work to obtain necessary approvals. See the Prior Approval Guide to determine if sponsor approval may be needed. The following may require OSP approval:

  • Change of any named personnel
  • Reduction of salary/effort
  • Change in equipment costs
  • Addition of foreign travel
  • Change greater than 25% of budget item
  • Change in student support (c7000)

Supplemental Funds Requests

Requests for additional funding on an existing project are processed as proposals through OSP. The Principal Investigator will need to contact OSP and create a record in the OAR Portal.

Change of Principal Investigator

If a change of Principal Investigator (PI) is required on a project, a letter must be sent to the sponsor. The letter should be endorsed by the current PI, the proposed PI, and OSP. The letter also should outline the qualifications of the new PI. Approval from the respective Dean will also be necessary.

Leave of Absence

If a PI plans to be away from the University and has a sponsored project, the PI will need to notify OSP, who will then notify the sponsor in writing of the absence. The notification will need to address how the PI plans to maintain oversight of the project during the absence. This letter needs to be signed by OSP.

Workflow Chart

If you see a post-award issue not listed please see the Office of Post Award Management.

For additional information, please see the FAQ page.

Award Management

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