Commitment to Safety

The University of Texas at Dallas is committed to providing and supporting campus-wide laboratory safety. Laboratory safety is the responsibility of all University personnel involved in research. These personnel include those directly involved in conducting research, as well as the University functions that support them. Everyone must do their part to ensure safety at University laboratories. Our hope is to develop and foster a culture of health and safety work practices to recognize the value of safety, prevent accidents, and aid in getting the job completed with pride and professionalism. We are committed to ensuring that our research community has the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out safety responsibilities.

Safety Programs

The Office of Research Compliance supports programs that are specific to safety requirements for UTD research laboratories.

Guidelines for laboratory safety and exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories are included in the Laboratory Standard and the Texas Hazard Communication Act. Please see the Roles & Responsibilities for guidelines for Principal Investigators and Laboratory Personnel.

Training Support

To ensure our safety goals are met, the University requires all researchers, staff, and visitors to UTD laboratories to complete lab safety training commensurate with any risks or hazards associated with their involvement in University labs. These requirements apply to any individual who may be exposed to hazardous material or equipment, including but not limited to, the following personnel who may perform laboratory functions:

  • Faculty
  • Non-faculty research scientists
  • Lab staff (managers, supervisors, technicians, etc.)
  • Students (graduates and undergraduates)
  • Post-doctoral fellows
  • University visitors

Research safety programs are designed to support the research functions across the University. Courses offered include both online- and classroom-based instruction and cover both general research policies and procedures related to laboratory safety. Most courses are required for research compliance by Principal Investigators (PIs) and lab personnel involved in research at the University of Texas at Dallas. Specific requirements based on laboratory activity are listed in the Training section of this website.


For general questions regarding Research Laboratory Safety, please contact Shane Solis, Assistant Director of Laboratory Safety Programs, Office of Research Compliance, at (972) 883-4730 or email


For fire and life emergencies on campus, please contact 911 or UTD Police at (972) 883-2222.

Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery for Labs

Continuity management is ensuring the continuity or uninterrupted provision of critical operations and services. It is an ongoing process with several complementary elements, including disaster recovery. To help mitigate the damage or recovery time after a disaster or disruptive event occurs, the Office of Research Compliance and the Office of Emergency Management encourages laboratories and research facilities to develop their own Continuity Plan.

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