The University of Texas Dallas’s MoPAC facility is located in the Biological Science and Bioengineering Building (BSB). This core facility is operated by the University’s Office of Research and Innovation and employs dedicated full-time technical staff to operate and maintain the equipment. The core provides support for spectroscopic and analytical work for proteins and polymers, and is open to internal and external users. The core houses a large number of dedicated instruments and currently includes:

  • JEOL 1400 transmission electron microscope equipped with a high contrast pole piece, tomography, and cryogenic imaging capabilities and is located proximate to the Imaging and Histology Core for biological sample prep
  • Bruker Avance III HD 600 MHz NMR with digitally tunable and auto shimming solution probe with VT capabilities and a 3.2 mm VTN Multinuclear Double Resonance Magic Angle Spinning probe for solid state NMR capable of 24 kHz spinning speed
  • Cary UV-Vis-NIR models 5000 and 7000, equipped with temperature controlled multi-cell holders, integrating spheres, multi-purposes measuring devices for films, and powders
  • Agilent 660 FTIRs with ZnSe and Diamond ATR, as well as traditional holders
  • Horiba Fluorolog fluorometer and phosphorimeter equipped with continuous and pulsed lamps, multiple laser lines for fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime measurements, and LN2 cryostat for low-temperature measurements
  • Tecan Spark 20 temperature controlled plate reader located proximal to a Beckman-Coulter Biomek NXp Multichannel Automated Liquid handler with a 96 well head and an Allegra X14R centrifuge to complete the workflow

Also available to researchers are standard and ultracentrifuges and a BioTek Synergy H4 plate reader with built-in monochromators and filter sets.

Service and Rates

  • All fees in $/hr unless otherwise noted.
  • User Fee – User fee for using an instrument with some assistance from staff.
  • Service Fee – Staff runs the sample on the analyzer and the sorter and provides the results.
  • Training Fee – $40/hr per trainee per instrument.
InstrumentLocationInternal User FeeInternal Service Fee
NMRBSB 11.537Day (7am-8pm) – $6
Night (8pm-7am) – $3
Solids – $10
FTIR 1 & 2BSB 11.638TBD
UV-Vis (Cary 5000)BSB 11.638
UV-Vis (Cary 7000)BSB 11.541
Horiba FlourimeterBSB 11.541
Tecan Spark 20MBSB 11.638
Biotek Synergy H4BSB 11.569
Sorvall-MX120+ ultracentrifugeBSB 11.569
Thermo-WX80+ ultracentrifugeBSB 11.569
Thermo-LYNX 4000BSB 11.569
TEM-Jeol 1400+RL B.524+RL B.530$41$74

Instrument Reservation

To reserve an instrument, please visit the Lab Resources Scheduler. Name of the Faculty Supervisor/Sponsor and a valid Cost Center number is required to complete the reservation.

  • Users must make reservations before using the instruments.
  • Reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the starting time of the reservation. Otherwise, the users will be charged for the reserved time slot.
  • Users are responsible for charges of unused reservation hours because of being late or for no-shows.
  • Users must not be more than 30 minutes late to prevent other users using your reserved time slot at your expense.
  • If a user cannot use the reserved slot for emergency reasons, please bring it to the staff’s attention.


Please contact for more information.