• All fees in $/hr unless otherwise noted.
  • User Fee – User fee for using an instrument with some assistance from staff.
  • Service Fee – Staff runs the sample on the various instruments and provides the results.
  • Training Fee – $50/hr per trainee per instrument.
  • External User Fee – Please contact imagingcore@utdallas.edu for further details

Imaging core rates effective January 1st, 2023

InstrumentExternal Academic user ($/hr)External Academia Service ($/hr)
Slide Scanner-Olympus VS1202144
Laser confocal-Olympus FV3000RS4064
Spinning Disk-Olympus SD-OSR4064
Cell TIRF-Olympus IX83 TIRF4064
Multiphoton-Olympus MPE-RS TWIN6690
Workstation#2 – Cell Sens / Fluoview045
Workstation#3 – Cell Sens045
Workstation#1 – Cell Sens045
Workstation#4 – Imaris1545
E-SEM-Carl Zeiss EVO3066
TEM-JEOL 1400+7690
Imaging InstrumentsInternal User Fee
VS120 Slide Scanner$17
Spinning Disk$32
Imaris (Workstation 4)$10
Histology InstrumentInternal User Fee
Tissue processor$11.00
Tissue Embedding Station$11.00
Rotary microtome$5.00
Carbon Coater$10.00

Facility Rules

  • Users must make reservations before using the instruments.
  • Reservations must be cancelled at least 1 hour before the starting time of the reservation. Otherwise, the users will be charged for the reserved time slot.
  • Users are responsible for charges of unused reservation hours because of being late or for no-shows.
  • Users must not be more than 30 minutes late to prevent other users using your reserved time slot at your expense.
  • If a user cannot use the reserved slot for emergency reasons, please bring it to the staff’s attention.
  • Microscope workspace, especially microscope objectives, should be kept clean. Oil MUST NOT be used on air objectives.
  • A fine will be imposed upon the user for violating the rules.
    • At first instance, the violator will be sent a warning message.
    • At second instance, the violator will have to pay $100.
    • At third instance, the violator will be barred from using the equipment for 1 month.


To reserve an instrument, please visit the Lab Resources Scheduler. The name of the faculty supervisor/sponsor and a valid cost center number are required to complete a reservation.

Long imaging sessions on frequently used instruments (VS120: >2 hours; FV3000RS: >4 hours) must be done between 6pm and 7am or on the weekends.

Training Request

Get a free consultation.

Go through basic tutorials on choosing the right microscope and email imagingcore@utdallas.edu for a free consultation to discuss about the best way to accomplish desired results.

Test the equipment.

Try an experiment to see if it’s worth taking training on recommended equipment.

Fill out a form.

Read through the rules and fill out a training requisition form.

Run a few trials.

Carry out first few runs under supervision of trainer till you get comfortable with using the equipment.

Get ongoing support.

Feel free to reach out to imagingcore@utdallas.edu if you face a challenge anytime, we are there to back you up.